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Welcome to Sad Panda Art.  I’m Josie McKay, fibre artist, art instructor, teacher and book illustrator (heritage sheep breeder, dog trainer, mother…).  The art on this page is both functional and decorative.  All of it is made of animal fibre usually wool but sometimes silk, cashmere and other exotic fibres.

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by Ann Marie Brezovski

illustrations by Josie McKay

Angel Skies is a read aloud story for children, grandchildren, parents and grandparents.  It is for everyone who believes in Angels and their presence in our lives.  This book is for families who love to spend time together in God’s beautiful garden of life.

All of the illustrations in Angel Skies are made out of wool using a combination of wet felting and needle felting.


A few illustrations from Angel Skies

“Ladybug Picnic”

“Bird Feeder Angel”

“Garden Angel”

This dragon wall hanging is wetfelted entirely of wool with a few accent beads sewn on and a fine layer of silk for his skin.



This wet felted and needle felted picture is an illustration for an upcoming picture book called “Charlie’s Empty Nest”

Charlie and Chick

An example of a felted hat  Each hat is hand made and one of a kind as well as extremely warm.

Pink Hat $45

Felted purses are molded in one piece  the handles and clasps or buttons are the only part that is sewn.  Each purse is hand made and completely unique.

Pink Star Purse $45

Scarves are made of silk, wool, cashmere and other exotic fibres.  All hand made, all one of a kind.

Maple Scarf $75 SOLD

Button Purse $45

100% wool yarn is available from our sheep in Jacob or Shetland.  Unspun wool, fleeces and pelts are also available for purchase.


Needle felting supplies and instruction are also available